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The above motto is the correct version of the phrase commonly attributed to Benjamin Franklin. We are pleased to offer it in an edition limited to 50 copies, each printed on a half-sheet of handmade paper from the J B Green Hayle Mill in England. The paper was made in 1976, just a few years before the mill closed. 

The type is an enlarged reproduction from the title page of An Historical Review of the Constitution and Government of Pensylvania, a book published anonymously in 1759. The quoted text appears on page 289 in a letter to the Governor from the Assembly dated Nov. 11, 1755, petitioning to raise funds to arm the Susquehanna Indians, to keep them as allies against the French, who had armed the Delaware and Shawanese. 

The half-sheet paper size is about 7" x 20" Each half-sheet of paper has two watermarks. They are not the same—there are four different watermarks on each full sheet of paper. If you are ordering two or more copies and would like to have them from different sides of the sheet, please indicate this on your order in the comments area.

The unframed print will be shipped in a tube. 

If you would like to read about how this motto is misquoted on tens of thousands of websites, go here

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