Chateau Guest Book, Normandy, France
Detail showing center panel

Green Hewit calf with inlaid panels of lacquered acrylic and gold leaf on Rives BFK. The book has front covers on both sides, as the Chateau receives visitors from countries which write in both Western and Eastern conventions.

Detail of corner and clasp

Lost wax cast Vermeil hardware includes central medallion filled with couleurs vitrail, bosses and clasps with heraldic emblems, and strapwork corners.

Detail of medallion

The central medallion represents the name of the Chateau in 11th century Mail (Arabic) calligraphy. A rough version was faxed to Normandy from the Levant and refaxed to Minsky's computer in New York, where he autotraced the bitmap into CorelDraw, converted it to Bezier curves, formed it into a logo, printed it on an ink jet, had a magnesium die made of it, made a latex mold of the die, made wax castings in the mold, which were lost wax cast in Vermeil, and painted in the transparent enamels to get the effect you see here.

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