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This is the old feedback page from January 2007

  FEEDBACK: Our Readers Respond

1-1-07 Responses to today's editorial on Limited Editions
             [AM] indicates a synopsis provided by Managing Editor ArtWorld Market from in-world IM or chat transcripts

jjccc Coronet wrote in-world suggesting that she would like to have a vending script that would automatically change the number in the name field up to the limitation of the edition as each copy sold.  [AM]

ArtWorld Market: If anyone can create a "limited edition dispenser" script that will do this it would be great--particularly if it can add an encoded certificate and guarantee. We will give a free ad to a scripter who provides a working vendor that meets the specifications in the editorial.

Filthy Fluno:

Response to Editorial: Limited Edition Warning

So much of what Artworld Market states in the Limited Edition Warning Editorial rings true with me and many other professional artists I know. The fact of the matter is that the SL Art Market has much maturing to go through and there will no doubt be some growing pains. Magazines like SLART may piss people off because it is part of the institutionalization of SL, but I see it as a "legitimate" part of the coming of age of virtual reality.

To me, so many issues boil down to integrity. If you mess up, admit it, deal with the consequences and learn. Sure there are laws and policies and the expectations of collectors and dealers, but if you want to make art and sell it in SL you have to have integrity. Integrity will get you through nearly any issue that will come up! Now, to those artists who just make art and love to give it away and share it with the world... GO FOR IT! But don't get upset, call a lawyer, or bother our Linden friends if that image ends up on the cover of some book or website or publication and you don't get credit! Or worse.. stolen and sold under someone else's name. ArtWorld will help integrate the laws of intellectual property, reselling, collecting, copyright, and business to the virtual reality marketplace! It will also make it easy for artists to educate and contribute to the important issues that (like it or not) we are all contributing to by being artists or business people selling artwork in SL.

The whole idea of what it means to be an artist in SL is a HUGE question because one could argue that you become an artist as soon as you FINALLY decide on the first name of your avatar (after hours of deliberation) during sign up. Is that not the first of several creative decisions you have to make as part of an artistic process in which you choose how to express yourself in SL? Are we all not playing a part in a big digital theatrical performance? Anyway, I'm getting off point...

Here's what's important to me. Work hard at making the best art you can. Take your art-making seriously. I mean, you can SERIOUSLY choose to make silly artwork and tattoo it onto your bum... (don't get any ideas Esch) and give it away to everyone for free.. heck you can even pay people to take your artwork, but give the art-making process and art market its due respect. Step back and say, "Hey...I just might have created something that is going to affect the world... some people may want to have it and use it to express an idea or make some money. Some people may hate it too!"

If you think there is some monetary value to your artwork, make sure the potential buyer knows what they're getting. Name your artwork with specificity! Numbered limited editions are a great way for you to create "value" to your artwork. Number each piece, sell it as an original, and then when someone buys and takes it... POOF its gone! Also stay on top of your transaction history or have a trustworthy friend help you! You're bound to mess up along the way so take your time and just admit if you mess up! If someone comes knockin' on your door and says that they bought 2 copies of a "6 of 6" limited edition of your artwork...just make it right, give them a refund, or offer another piece of art. Have INTEGRITY!!!

Much Love,

Filthy Fluno

Deeeep Witte wrote in-world that another issue is that "no copy" artworks are risky because if they are placed on a sim and the sim crashes the work may be irrecoverable. [AM]

ArtWorld Market:  I asked in-world help what would happen in that case and got a non-Linden helper (copied exactly):

[9:40] ArtWorld Market: If I place an object on a sim and the sim crashes, do I lose the object?
[9:43] AKA Fool: normaly no
[9:44] AKA Fool: but if u do loose a item if a sim crash then please file a bug report with as much info and the powers that be wil do everything to find it

I then sent an IM to a Linden asking for further guidance on this, and will report when I get a reply.


This editorial thread was continued on March 11, 2007, with the subject SECOND THOUGHTS on Limited Editions in SL

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