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The Art World Market of Second Life
Paper on the Economics of the SL Art Market
presented at SLCC August 25, 2007
*Over 17,000 downloads of this paper.

Maryva Mayo, Red Randt, Filthy Fluno
and Feathers Boa at the Aho Museum

Filthy Fluno

Gwen Carillon, Gracie Kendal
and others at the Aho Museum

The Odd Ball

Misprint Thursday

Alizarin Goldflake: Night Light

Feathers Boa

Crater Bay

Kiss the Sky

The Garden of NPIRL Delights

The Real Me!

I'm Sorry, Dad

Political is Personal

Visions of Global Justice

Oyster Bay Closes

Miss SL Universe 2008

Light Waves

ArtWorld Tours
Videotapes of ArtWorld Market giving
virtual art tours in New York City

Sasun Steinbeck

Deutsche Post Sculpture Contest

You can mail postcards from SL to RL

Daruma Picnic

Exhibition at the Library Gallery

Artist Avatars


Let Love Live: ZeroG Skydancers IV

ArtWorld Interview: Seifert Surface

The Last Supper: Victor Vezina & Juanita Deharo

Monroe Snook

Sledge Roffo and Sachi Nozaki

Nar Duell's Pillflower World

Madcow Cosmos


CounterpART Gallery Opens

Voice for the Voiceless

ZeroG SkyDancers III

Adam Ramona


Sabine Stonebender

ArtWorld Interview: Bathsheba Dorn

by ArtWorld Market

Hyperformalism in Second Life

An Artform that Feels at Home in Virtual Reality
by Rose Krasner

Artropolitans Drum All Night

The Watts Tower of SL?
by Rose Krasner

From Guitars to Monumental Sculpture
The Art of Master Builder Nomasha Syaka
by Rose Krasner


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