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Can a Beauty Pageant be a Work of Art?
by ArtWorld Market

January 19, 2008

It had suspense and high drama, with the region crashing just as the winner was being announced. Frolic Mills orchestrated a remarkable event, featuring avatar design, fashion, jewelry, live performance art and music. The architecture, created for this event by Patch Thibaud was perfectly suited to the occasion, with Klieg lights, glitz, and an appropriately SL design, floating high in the sky and open to the heavens.

Above: View from behind the judges' chairs as we waited for the show to begin.

ArtWorld Market was there. The art of clothing design in SL has been taken up a notch by this event, with many designers producing unique works for the occasion.

The contestants first appeared on the runway wearing a National Costume, and gave a short speech about their country (a few lines in chat). They were all gorgeous avatars, unique in character. The dresses were spectacular. One of my favorites was Miss Hong Kong, Mui Kukerji, in a dress by Nicky Ree, and jewelry by AlienBear Gupte, who also designed the winner's crown and sceptre.  According to ducky, Alien Bear's creations are all prim work, with no alpha textures.

Miss Brasil, Willamina Fitzgerald, appeared in a skimpy feathered Carnival costume. A great feature of SL is the unconstrained camera--below is a snapshot I took backstage while she was relaxing, waiting her turn to come out on the runway..  

Above: Miss Brasil, Willamina Fitzgerald
National Costume Pena de Galo
designed by Fabiano Loll

Above: Miss Hong Kong, Mui Kukerji, in a dress by Nicky Ree


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