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From Guitars to Monumental Sculpture
The Art of Master Builder Nomasha Syaka
by Rose Krasner
[January, 2007]

Nomasha Syaka in his Gallery

You can certainly find many other guitars in SL. If you go to Musician's Paradise, for example, there are many one prim Griptape Pro Guitars for as little as $L159 with animations and music. At Bill Havercamp's you can get a beautiful 54 prim guitar for $L750. What makes Nomasha Syaka's $L2,500 ones different? For one thing, it uses 255 prims. [If you are not familiar with SL building, prim is short for a primitive, the basic building block of Second Life.]

If you would like to have a classic guitar with strings the correct color and proportion, accurate wood grain and sunburst finishes, with every detail carefully sculpted, visit the SL gallery of artist Nomasha Syaka. He unashamedly advertises his shop as "SL's Greatest Guitars." The knowledge and love of these instruments is evident in the craftsmanship and attention to detail. The instruments can be worn by your avatar and either played standing up, or sitting on the scripted stool that comes in the box.

Detail of Nomasha's Takamine EAN 10-C
Each string is a separate prim, as are the bridge and other parts

Classic Sculpture

But this artist is not limited to musical instruments. If you fly around second life you will see, for example, his rendition of Michelangelo's David atop a mountain in Artropolis. Visitors to the Crescent Moon Museum will see Syaka's Passion, a large sculpture of an embracing couple. Don't be surprised if you see one elsewhere—I came across this romantic scene in Langdale:

Passion, sculpted in SL by Nomasha Syaka
Photographed in moonlight on Dirk Talamasca's parcel in Langdale

Passion, sculpted in SL by Nomasha Syaka
This photo is taken from the moonlit side

To this writer, the style looks familiar

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