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[ October, 2008]

and Filthy Fluno 
at Brooklyn is Watching

Tuna Oddfellow at The Odd Ball

Oddfellow Studios is the work of Fish Fishman and Shava Nerad. Mr. Fishman is a magician, and is known in SL as Tuna Oddfellow. The pair produce The Odd Ball performance art dance party and salon in SL. A live mixed reality event was held on October 11, 2008 at the Brooklyn art gallery Jack the Pelican Presents ( 487 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn, NY), with the artists present in the gallery. A 52" screen provided an in-SL experience for one participant at a time, and the show was projected in unhitched camera with 3DConnexion's Space Navigator 3D mouse manipulating the view of the general spectators on a ten foot widescreen projection on a wall of the gallery.

ArtWorld Market at the Odd Ball, wearing an avatar by Nebulosus Severine

     Their approach incorporates cognitive and perceptual science, endocrine stimulation and the shamanic tradition. It's a dance party, and the music works with the visual display. The psychedelic kaleidoscope effects are mesmerizing. Many luminaries of the Second Life art world were present, including NPIRL guru Bettina Tizzy, artists Misprint Thursday and Alizarin Goldflake (see recent reviews in the right column) and vocalist extraordinaire Jaynine Scarborough.
     At the Brooklyn gallery, Filthy Fluno (Jeffrey Lipsky) had his easel set up and created an abstract narrative artwork documenting the event

Tuna is Watching SL by Filthy Fluno

At the Odd Ball an avatar is immersed in a constantly shifting colorscape

Jaynine Scarborough dancing with ArtWorld Market

The Odd Ball is nearly every Sunday at 11am SLT and nearly every Monday at 7pm SLT, with occasional spontaneous parties

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