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NMC presents

ZeroG SkyDancers III

Second Spring
performance schedule

On January 6, 2008 I attended the premiere of DanCoyote's new ZeroG SkyDancers performance. DC has evolved the art of SL performance to new heights.

Not just a virtuosic visual display, the choreography to the superb score by ZeroOne Paz is emotive and moving. DanCoyote and Technical Director ZenMondo Wormser have created a dynamic environment in which the dancers appear out of giant flowers, or pods, that open to release them.

The costumes grow and evolve as the characters mature. Three of the characters are in similar forms and one is different. The story explores the relationships between the matching group of characters and the other one.

The wordless plot line is ambiguous and sensual,  open to interpretation but strongly felt as the dancers rise and interact. They fly through the huge space (you need to set your view distance to hundreds of meters), soaring and swirling, meeting, separating, and coming down to the audience to engulf the seating area with effects from their costumes.

As with opera, ballet, and other multimedia performance genres, the costumes change as transformative elements in the drama, visually carrying the metaphor of the plot. The switch from evolving forms to a set of entirely different appearance occurs during a return to the pods, following a violent episode in which the matching group attacks the isolated one, who falls from the sky. The pods close on the dancers and open to reveal the new looks. This scene is evocative of rebirth, of the chrysalis, and of spiritual awakening.





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