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Exhibition at the Library Gallery
Interactive sculpture and abstract art

Above: The Library Gallery on Info Island hosts Daruma Picnic Works in Second Life through May 28

As I walked through the planes of translucent color with ambient musician AldoManutio Abruzzo we heard voices sing fragments of melodies. Taking different paths created fleeting compositions. 
Created by Daruma Picnic, the work is titled Voices A Cappella: An interactive Singing sculpture. Across from it is a similar work titled Instrumental, in which passing through a color plane elicits a plucked bass note or percussion element. It is currently installed outside the Library Gallery on Info Island. 

Within the gallery are other interactive works, including abstract geometric compositions in which each element changes color when you click on it.  

A series of Floating Overlay Paintings, all done in 2007, uses animated prims to move layers of felt-tip and pencil drawings in a continuously shifting display. Reminiscent of early film animation techniques, the abstract images evoke Miro, Ossorio's Recovery series,  and Outsider art.

Daruma credits Adam Ramona as an inspiration for the sound sculpture, and for scripting aid. See  our Avatar photos of Adam and Daruma

The development of interactive SL light sculpture builds on the work of Dancoyote Antonelli [whose Zero G Sky Dancers  are legendary in Second Life, and whose floating plane paintings are exhibited among other places, at the Museum of Hyperformalism and the Djorkenheim Museum],  Sabine Stonebender, whose immersive environment has to be experienced, and Sasun Steinbeck, who has been developing a single scripted lightwork for two years. 

Also see the article on Hyperformalism and Mathematical Art.

Below: Daruma Picnic's Floating Overlay #4—the two photos were taken a few seconds apart. 

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