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Can a Beauty Pageant be a Work of Art?


 Miss USA: Summer Deadlight, Miss Spain: Isabel Brocco, Miss Hong Kong: Mui Mukerji, Miss Israel: Elisne Allen, and Miss Greece: Babyhoney Bailey

Lag was getting more pronounced, as you can see from the picture above--it was hard to rez all the textures. Each of the five finalists selected one of the judges to ask them a question. The last one came about three hours after the Pageant started, when Miss Greece,  Babyhoney Bailey, answered Callie Cline's question:

Callie Cline: Babyhoney, if you had lived your entire life, reflecting back on all you had done, what legacy would you have hoped to have left?

Babyhoney Bailey nods. "That's an excellent question, and something I contemplate often myself. I try to live my life be in RL or SL in a manner that enables me to not only maintain a sense of honor and loyalty but also dignity, self respect and humility. I would hope to leave behind and instill in those around me those same qualities and the knowledge that sometimes it's more important to have values than to feel valuable.

The judges then deliberated again. After an extended period of suspense Frolic Mills started announcing the runners up. Finally there were just two avatars remaining on the stage, Miss Israel and Miss Greece. 

SLCN-TV was broadcasting the event. They covered it with great camerawork as well as running commentary by duckyfresh Watanabe and Carter Giacobini, who were well prepared and knowledgeable about the SL fashion world. At the highest moment of suspense ducky announced that the winner was Miss Israel.  And then the region crashed.

I had to log back in to SL and wait for the region to reboot. There was a slew of IM's saying that the final decision had not been announced. What was going on?

Miss Spain: Isabel Brocco.
A giant version of the crown was part of the stage set.

©2009 Richard Minsky