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[ February, 2009]

Metaphor Performed as the Interaction of Pure Light
a collaboration of masters

The New Media Consortium
Zero-G SkyDancers
Let Love Live (L3)

Through March, 2009

The seats disappear once the show begins, leaving the audience suspended sitting in space.
The "cascade" costumes of the SkyDancers above are yellow, blue and hot pink.

If you have never seen the ZeroG SkyDancers then you are missing a spectacular and riveting experience. This show raises the standards for evaluating performance art, not just in the virtual world of Second Life, but in all media. It incorporates original musical composition, choreography, set and costume design, as well as computer code scripting. The current iteration was photographed by ArtWorld Market at the performance on Sunday, February 15, 2009. There is no way a series of images can communicate the sensation of being immersed in this performance, with the dancers in their immense costumes, called "cascades," swooping past you. The scale is so huge relative to the size of the avatars that the figures of the dancers are rarely seen, and the visual impression is a ballet of pure light.

     This is the fourth full redesign of the SkyDancer show since the troupe's founding in May of 2006, and features an all new musical score by ZeroOne Paz, all new choreography performed by the SkyDancers: Anhinga Chaika, Tatiana Kurri, Angelique Menoptra, Lina Lageos, Buffy Beale, Pielady Smalls, Talulah Bancroft and Wytchwhisper Sadofsky, all new cascade costumes by DC Spensley and Josina Burgess, and a three-kilometer (3000m) stage set by DanCoyote in collaboration with some of the top creators in Second Life, including Technical Director (code poet) ZenMondo Wormser, architect Scope Cleaver, and artists Glyph Graves, Strawberry Holiday, Selavy Oh and Sabine Stonebender.
     Each of the creators is a master of their discipline, and together they have produced an abstract multimedia event that defines a genre. 
     Spensley (aka avatar DanCoyote Antonelli within Second Life), creator of the group, produces and directs the performance, which includes a reactive-interactive stage set that is repeatedly transformed over the hour long performance as the seating flies through monolithic sculptures. 
     The theme of this ballet follows those of Spensley's previous productions, with the characters facing moral and ethical challenges that lead to redemption. The performance flowed flawlessly, with the movement of the dancers and the audience synchronized perfectly with the music. The dramatic score by ZeroOne Paz both complements and creates the shifting mood of this work. 
     The teamwork involved in the organization and execution of Let Love Live is a tribute to the commitment of the participants in the creation of an international collaboration. The SkyDancers rehearsed three times a week for six months to perfect the choreography. The design and construction of the sets, scripts and costumes involved hundreds of hours of detailed building, scripting and co-ordination.  

DanCoyote dons a hat that appears as a dialogue balloon, like 
in a graphic novel, to instruct the audience to adjust their settings.

 The seating is scripted to raise the audience through sequential
levels of stage sets as the performance progresses.

DC speaks to the audience before the show starts.

Between movements the audience rises through the 3,000 meter high sculpture to the next stage.

Zooming in on the SkyDancers in motion on the stage in the previous image.

The view looking up as we rise.

 The SkyDancers pass through the audience.

Above: Photo of the performance a few seconds before the image directly below.

Approaching another stage.

The SkyDancers interacting with the set.

Zooming out for a view of a monolith segment.

Looking up with SkyDancers overhead.

A dramatic moment of intersecting cascades.

DanCoyote conducting the performance.

You can also read our illustrated review of last year's show, Second Spring, and see video clips from the last two productions.

For ticket information, contact Lina Lageos in-world.

©2009 Richard Minsky