Size: 6⅝" x 10¼"
Publisher: Richard Minsky
First edition: comic book format, two volumes,
black and white, paperback,
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THE MUELLER REPORT Graphic Novel, 2 volumes


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Also by Barbara Slate

Size: 6" x 9"
Publisher: Richard Minsky
Hardback ISBN: 978-0-937258-08-8     Price: $34.95
Paperback ISBN: 978-0-937258-07-1   Price: $24.95

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Graphic Novel

by Barbara Slate

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"Slate has provided something that is half-public service,
half-wild ride, both crucial and rollicking."
Read the review by John Seven in Comics Beat

Why Artist Barbara Slate Made A Graphic Novel Edition Of The Mueller Report
Read the article by Rachel Kramer Bussel in Forbes

Listen to Barbara Slate Interviewed by A.G. on the
Mueller, She Wrote podcast

(scroll down the podcast list to "Dick Mole Guilt (Feat. Interview with Barbara Slate)"
Barbara's interview begins at 1:26:10

Absolutely brilliant." "Fantastic work." "Love this!"
"Genius!!!!" "This is amazing."

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Barbara Slate posted the first page on Facebook and Twitter April 21, three days after the redacted report was released. The response was so fast, large, and enthusiastic, she created and posted a page a day until the first draft of volume 1 was finished.

To make it available quickly we are offering a discount subscription for both volumes, and shipping each of the two volumes as they are finished. Volume 1 is on sale now. Volume 2 is scheduled for release in September, 2019. See left side panel to order.

Volume 1 is 34 pages. Barbara expects volume 2 will be about twice as long.

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About the Author

Barbara Slate created Ms. Liz, a feminist cartoon character, in 1976. Ms. Liz comic strip ran in Cosmopolitan and was an animated segment on NBC’s TODAY show for two seasons. Barbara has written hundreds of comic books and graphic novels for DC, Marvel, Archie, Disney: Barbie, Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, Betty and Veronica, and created Angel Love, Yuppies from Hell, Sweet XVI, Getting Married and other Mistakes. She is profiled in A Century of Women Cartoonists. Author of You Can Do A Graphic Novel. A resident of Stockport, NY, she travels extensively nationwide as a keynote speaker, teacher, and moderator.

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