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Purchasing or Commissioning a Binding

Thank you for inquiring about the purchase of a Minsky book. If your interest is in a limited edition printed book by Minsky, or a book by a different artist which is designed and published by Minsky, please click the "Printed Books" button above.

If wish to commission a binding on an existing book, have a book designed, printed and/or bound, an edition produced (large or small), or purchase a blank book of beautiful paper, please click here for the contact form. You can also make a telephone inquiry by calling (212) 228-7491.

Every unique work in this online exhibit is in a public or private collection. Some belong to art dealers who may be willing to sell them. When time permits, the provenance of each work will be added to the updated information on each page. There are no unique Minsky bindings available, except through the secondary market. If a particular binding in the exhibit is of interest to you, phone or e-mail an inquiry and we will determine if the owner of the work you desire is willing to sell it, and at what price. The name of the prospective purchaser will be kept confidential unless otherwise instructed.

If you are interested in being informed about works-in-progress which have not been commissioned or sold, please click here for the contact form.