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The Book
by Douglas C. McMurtrie. Covici-Friede, New York 1937
Bound by Minsky 1968
10" x 8"
Brown Oasis Nigerian goatskin, gold tooling, silk endbands, marbled endsheets by the artist, goatskin hinges.

The Georgics of Virgil
Cheshire House, 1931
Bound by Minsky 1969
14" x 9"
Hewit's fair calf with onlays of Oasis Nigerian goat, gold and blind tooling. Sewn on 5 raised cords. Swedish marbled endsheets. Calf hinges.
"MINSKY" in gold, inside front cover, "1969" in gold, inside back cover

Blank Book
Bound by Minsky 1971
9¼" x 6¾"
Goatskin shavings on reverse Oasis goat in Oasis goat drop-back box
Endpapers hand-marbled by Minsky

Pettigrew's History of Egyptian Mummies
London, 1834
Bound by Minsky 1973
12" x 9"
Linen, turquoise.

The Birds of North America
by J. J. Studer. 1888
Bound by Minsky 1975
14" x 11"
Reverse Calf with salted Pheasant skin sewn onto front cover with linen thread; doublures of reverse Nigerian Goatskin, handpainted flyleaves; cord image under spine leather.
In 1975 this book was the center of a major controversy at a Guild of BookWorkers' exhibit in New Haven. You might enjoy The story of this book's trip to Yale.

North American Hand Papermaking 1976
by Richard Minsky, 1976
Two volumes accordion style with box-frame pages, containing the work of 31 hand papermakers. Each two page spread includes a work, a photo, and a statement by the artist/papermaker. Each "page" is 19" x 25" and each volume expands to 51 feet in length. 

The Dog Bite
by Barton Lidice Benes. Plain Wrapper Press, New York, 1970
Bound by Minsky 1977
13" x 11" x 2"
Skin of unknown origin, endsheets of Amatyl bark paper
"Binding by Richard Minsky 1977" in pencil, inside back endsheet

by Patti Smith
Bound by Minsky 1979
9" x 6"
Alum tawed ratskin, sumac tanned goatskin (both leathers treated by the artist), safety pins, foil stamped title. Endsheets rubber stamped safety pin motif by Barton Lidice Benes. Black suede box with padded satin lining.
"Bound by Minsky 1979" in pencil, inside back cover

Blank Book for Tom Phillips' translation of Dante's Inferno
Whatman paper
Bound by Minsky 1979
9 5/8" x 7" x 1"
Nigerian goat sumac tanned and dyed by the artist, blind tooled with Florentine lily design drawn by Phillips, made into intaglio, relief and outline tools. Hinges of same skin, with doublures of the same skin reversed.
"MINSKY 79" blind tooled inside back cover

The Crisis of Democracy
by Crozier, Huntington and Watanuki for the Trilateral Commission.
New York University Press, 1975
Bound by Minsky 1980
8 3/4" x 6" x 11"
Sheep, gold, barbed wire.

Arakawa: Derrière le Miroir
Galerie Maeght, 1977
Bound by Minsky 1981
15� x 11�
Green calf, gold and blind tooled. Silk endbands, cloth hinges. Sewn on N-guards. Endsheets in ink and watercolor.
"Binding and endsheets (watercolor) by Minsky, september 1981" in pencil inside back cover
Collection of Allan Stone Gallery

Blank Book
Bound by Minsky 1983
10" x 7"
Red Nigerian Goatskin with inlay and onlay panels of a geometric design in both covers.

Guest Book
Bound by Minsky 1983
14 3/4 x 10
Brown Nigerian goatskin with recessed panels of inlaid goatskin, blind and gold tooled. Head edge in related pattern, watercolor and beeswax.

Nineteenth Century Japanese Photo Album
Bound by Minsky 1984
12" x 9"
Black calf spine, gold leaf, enamel, varnish, polyurethane and shellac over gessoed boards.
Album of hand-colored albumen prints. There are 35 layers of clear finishes, paint and gold leaf that create an optical effect of extraordinary depth. The photo above does not capture the subtle colors in the "black" areas, nor the illusionistic depth created by the light passing through many layers that diffract it differently.

Seventy Studies
Original paintings by Richard Minsky, 1985
2 7/8 x 2 3/8 x 5/8
Letterpress title page, watercolor and acrylic paintings with gold leaf on paper. Flat-back case binding. Lacquered acrylic on bookcloth.

Blank Book
Bound by Minsky 1985
10 x 7 x 1�
Nigerian goatskin with flush inlay panels of same. Sewn on 5 raised cords with hollow back construction. Silk endbands, linen hinges. Head and tail edges watercolor, beeswaxed.
"MINSKY 85" in gold, inside back cover

Blank Book
Bound by Minsky 1985
11" x 10" x 1"
Grey goatskin spine, varnished enamel and gold leaf boards, acrylic and gold leaf endsheets "Minsky '85" signed inside back cover

Gracie Mansion Register
Dieu Donne handmade paper
Bound by Minsky 1985
13" x 10"
Black Chieftain goatskin, recessed pictorial inlay of goat and vellum, blind tooled, recess panel with foil stamped title. Letterpress title page, dedication and colophon, linen endbands, chain ring embedded in head edge of back board.

1974 Oldsmobile 98 Regency
Painted by Minsky 1986
Automobile with 455 Rocket V-8 engine, lacquer.

Blank Book
T.H. Saunders Paper
Bound by Minsky 1986
15" x 11"
Black calf spine, lacquered gold leaf and enamel over gessoed boards.
"Minsky 1986" inside back cover

Dante's Inferno
by Tom Phillips. The Talfourd Press, 1980.
Bound by Minsky 1986
3 volumes, each 16" x 12" x 2"
Red calf dyed by the artist, blind tooled, with the images burned deeper into each of the six covers. Bronze bosses and centerpieces cast from Ashanti gold weights in Tom Phillips' collection. Brass clasps engraved with the same florentine lily as the leather tools, and with hands drawn by Phillips. Sewn on seven double raised cords. Linen endbands. Each volume has a red leather box with gold titled black goat spine panel. The boxes are lined with felt, and have recesses to accommodate the hardware.

Guest Book
Bound by Minsky 1986
9 1/8" x 12"
Red Nigerian goatskin, recessed panel of lacquered acrylic painting on Rives BFK.
"MINSKY 87" in gold, inside back cover

Tragedy and Hope
(a History of the World in Our Time) by Carroll Quigley. MacMillan, 1966
Bound by Minsky 1988
9" x 6 3/4"
Kid vellum (tanned by the artist) over collage and acrylic, gold title.

Missile Envy
by Dr. Helen A. Caldicott. William Morrow & Co., 1984
Bound by Minsky 1988
9" x 6 3/8"
Calf spine, gold stamped. Oil and gold leaf over gessoed boards.
"Minsky 1988" inside back cover.

The Biological Time Bomb
by Gordon Rattray Taylor. The New American Library, 1968
Bound by Minsky 1988
8" x 5" x 6"
Mixed media
"Minsky 1988" signed in ink, inside back cover

Laying Waste
by Michael H. Brown. Pantheon, 1980
Bound by Minsky 1988
8" x 5 3/4"
Trade binding with hypodermic needle, crack caps, condom, collage, acrylic and phosphorescent paint. Photos show full light, dim light, no light.

The Geography of Hunger
by Josue de Castro. New York, 1952
Bound by Minsky 1988
9" x 7" x 3"
"Friendly Plastic," acrylic, endpapers of food and dog food labels.

Hunger Fighters
by Paul de Kruif. Harcourt, Brace and Company, New York, 1928
Binding by Minsky, 1988
Goatskin stamped in 23K gold.

Blank Book
18" x 14"
Bound by Minsky 1988
Inlaid snakeskin covers and doublures, linen endbands.

Minsky in Bed
First prototype binding with one chapter
Bound by Minsky 1988
15" x 10 7/8" x 3"
Purple calf, gold stamped title, brass bosses and chain, handcuffs.
Letterpress on Richard de Bas paper, watercolor, gold leaf.
Written, illustrated, printed and bound by Richard Minsky on Minsky handmade paper produced at the Dieu Donne Papermill. This work, or chapters from it, has been exhibited at the Zabriskie Gallery in New York (1988), Guild Hall Museum in East Hampton (1990), HarperCollins Publishers Gallery (1992), and has been featured in Avenue Magazine ("Naked Came the Bookbinder," Summer, 1992) and on CNN (May 8, 1992). The edition de tete is limited to 10 copies. Copy number 1 of the edition is in The Victoria & Albert Museum, London, England. Copy Number 2 is in The Ruth & Marvin Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry in Miami Beach. A full description with purchasing information is in the catalog. There are also photos of several pages online. 

Holy Terror
(The Fundamentalist War on America's Freedoms in Politics, Religion and Our Private Lives) by Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman. Doubleday, 1982
Bound by Minsky 1988
9" x 6"
Black Nigerian goat and Hewit calf, gold and metal foil stamped.
Case binding.
"Minsky 88" in pencil, inside back cover

Holy Terror
(Inside the World of Islamic Terrorism) by Amir Taheri.
Adler & Adler, 1987
Bound by Minsky 1990
9" x 6" x 1"
Quarter leather, gold stamped spine, lacquered acrylic on boards, flyleaf of foil stamped vellum
"MINSKY" in gold, inside back cover

Holy Terror
(Andy Warhol Close Up) by Bob Colacello. HarperCollins, 1990.
Bound by Minsky 1990
9" x 6"
Acrylic and diamonds over ink-jet on canvas.

The Limits of Art
Poetry and Prose chosen by ancient and modern critics
Collected and Edited by Huntington Cairns
Bollingen Serues XII, Pantheon Books, 1948
Bound by Minsky 1990
9¼" x 6¾"

Becoming Light
by Erica Jong
HarperCollinsPublishers, 1991
Bound by Minsky 1992
Book is 9.5" x 6.5"
Slipcase which includes book and typescript is 12" x 9" x 4".
Binding includes back cover and spine in Nigerian goatskin, with a 23k gold stamped title. The
front cover is a lacquered panel of acrylic over a photo of the author. The binding has a paper
chemise which slides into a velvet lined double slipcase. The original typescript is in the other side
of the slipcase, in a folder with Velcro closures.

Fireworks: A History and Celebration
by George Plimpton.
Doubleday & Co., 1984
Bound by Minsky 1992
10" x 7" x 2"
Acrylic paint and live fireworks with hurricane matches.

Chemistry in Warfare
Bound by Minsky 1993
8" x 5"
Mixed media.

Reliquary for the Ashes of Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses
From The United States Constitution series, "The Bill of Rights" section, this work is subtitled The First Amendment.
Minsky 1993
19" x 8" x 11"
A Book Burning Kit, containing a copy of the First American Edition of the book, incense and matches. Lemon Gold leaf, White Gold leaf, ink and lacquer over bookbinders' board; Crystal Quartz, cut and polished Agate, emerald cut Citrine; wood base.

Chateau Guest Book, Normandy, France

Blank book of various vintage handmade papers and sheepskin parchment.
Bound by Minsky 1994
20" x 16"
Green Hewit calf with inlaid panels of lacquered acrylic and gold leaf on Rives BFK. Lost wax cast Vermeil hardware includes central medallion filled with couleurs vitrail, bosses and clasps with heraldic emblems, and strapwork corners.

The Eye

by Roanna Martin-Trigona, 1994
Designed, printed and bound by Minsky, 1974
The story of Salvador Dali's painting "The Eye," which was the basis of the dream sequence in Alfred Hitchcock's movie, "Spellbound." Printed inkjet on Dieu Donne handmade paper, mounted movie stills and other historical photos, magazineclippings, etc. Binding of blue calf with inset artificial eye , title stamped in 23K gold from magnesium die of type designed in CorelDraw.

Forlorn Hope: The Prison Reform Movement

by Larry E. Sullivan
Bound by Minsky 1996
10" x 8" x 7"
From The United States Constitution series, "The Bill of Rights" section, this work is subtitled The Eighth Amendment.
Acrylic and hologram foil over publisher's cloth binding, Acrylic/latex over wood, handcuffs, padlock, chain.

The Right To Bear Arms
Created 1996-98
43" x 43" x 10"
Seven books on the American Militia movement, the right to bear arms, and the gun culture, rebound in Nigerian goatskin with quotes from each volume in 23K gold on the covers, in a snakeskin cabinet with a Norinco Mac-90 semi-automatic rifle, three loaded clips, and a thousand rounds of ammunition. From The United States Constitution series, "The Bill of Rights" section, this work is subtitled The Second Amendment.

Inventing Memory
A Novel of Mothers and Daughters
by Erica Jong
HarperCollins Publishers, 1997
Bound by Minsky 1998
9.5" x 6.5" x 1.5"
Calf dyed by Minsky, gold stamping, oak, brass hardware, wallpaper endsheets, inkjet
photomontage and labels. Edges of Armenian Bole and gold leaf. Hinged oak straps across
the spine. This binding is created to give the feeling of a steamer trunk, with destination labels
relating to the travels of the four generations of women in the novel. It is a binding, however, and
not a box. The text is integral to the structure, as can be seen in the detail photos. 

by Mitch Cullin
illustrated by Ryuzo Kikushima
Bound by Minsky 2000
8.75" x 5.75" x 1.5"
A novel length poem, written in the first person as the story of a Sheriff in Texas who is judge, jury and executioner. Each copy of the book has 9mm bullet holes shot through the cover, a Sheriff badge, and the title is affixed as a name badge. Edition of 100 with 5 AP, + 25 specially boxed copies as The Fifth Amendment in The Bill of Rights edition.

The Right to Privacy
by Ellen Alderman and
Caroline Kennedy
I doubt there is another constitutional lawyer who has as much personal experience with violations of this retained "right" as Caroline Kennedy. The binding is an inkjet print on canvas of Princess Diana, with headlines on the back cover and endpapers with photos of her wrecked car. It comes in a velvet lined black cloth box with the text of the ninth amendment printed on a Fabriano Roma label.

Boxes made from 15th-16th century book covers
Recycled early book covers are used on these two boxes. Made in October, 2000.

Any Woman's Blues
A Novel of Obsession
by Erica Jong
Harper and Row, 1990
Bound by Minsky 2000
10" x 7" x 3"
Collection of Mechtild Maes, Amsterdam
Binding in the style of a writing-box. Wood and wood veneers stained to a cherry-mahogany hue. Upon opening the box a tray is seen, containing writing paper and a fountain pen. The tray closes into the box lid, revealing a rattan lining which is the endpaper of the book. There are four different women's names on the stationery: Isadora Wing, Leila Zandberg, Erica Jong and Mechtild Maes. Isadora is a fictitious author created by the actual author, Erica Jong. Leila is a character of Isadora's, who maintains a dialogue with her creator throughout the novel. Mechtild is the collector who commissioned this work. The concept of this binding  is that the book is a woman's very private diary, and is hidden from the world, disguised as an anonymous writing box or "cry-box."

The Hamptons
by Susan P. Meisel and Ellen Harris
Harry N. Abrams, Inc.  2000
Bound by Minsky 2000
10�" x 10"
Acrylic, sand and shells from the Hamptons

The Bill of Rights edition
A set of ten bookworks representing the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution, in an edition of 25 copies

Sappho's Leap
A Novel
by Erica Jong
Norton, 2003
Bound by Minsky 2003
12" x 7" diameter
Bound as a scroll. Papyrus endpaper printed inkjet with reproduction of Sappho text from early scroll fragment. Wood endcaps with oil base stain, 23K gold leaf, polyurethane and lacquer. Inset brass bushing for cedar scroll handle, which is contained in scroll center under removable endcap. Wood base with, stain, polyurethane and lacquer. Scroll cover is lacquered inkjet adapted from Greek Krater image of Alcaeus and Sappho. 

by George Orwell
Harcourt, Brace & Company, New York 1949
Binding by Minsky 2003
6" x 8�" x 3"
Lizard-grained cowhide, hologram foil stamped title. LCD monitor embedded in cover with miniature black and white video camera hidden behind leather with 1/8" hole for lens. When you hold the book you see yourself on the screen. 

Francis of Assissi: Early Documents
New City Press, New York, London, Manila, 2000
Bound by Minsky 2004
Four Volumes 9" x 6"
Issued as paperbacks, rebound in full goatskin with three edge yaps over thin boards. Edges in 22K gold leaf over Armenian bole. Foil stamped title on spine, Cross of St. Damian on front cover, St. Francis on back cover with owner's name. Different marbled papers are used in each volume, and different colored ribbons. The volume number is blind stamped near the tail of the spine. Four other volumes are bound similarly: two Holy Bibles, a Catechism and Lives of Saints and a book of Prayers, Verses and Devotions.

The Liturgy of the Hours
Catholic Book Publishing Co.
New York, 1976
Proper Offices of Franciscan Saints
English-Speaking Conference of the Orders of Friars Minor
New York, 1976
Bound by Minsky 2004
17" x 5�" x 2�"
Two volumes in one girdle book sleeve based on several historical models, made for daily use by a Franciscan Friar. Blind stamped on the exterior with images of the Cross of San Damiano, St. Francis, and the Arms of the Order of St. Francis, and on the interior flaps with typographic abbreviations. Interior flaps also incorporate a prayer card and an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The books are removable, as each season requires a change of both volumes.

Guest Book, LongHouse Reserve
Bound by Minsky 2005
16" x 11"
Photographs on the covers and the front endpapers by Matko Tomicic. 
Tovil handmade paper ( Barcham Green & Company Ltd., Hayle mill, Kent, England, 1980). Hewit calf (Scotland). Hand sewn with flax thread made in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. The headbands are hand woven over a laminated core of vellum and alum tawed pigskin, using the same type of thread in a heavier weight. Photo images printed on Epson Watercolor paper with an Epson Stylus Photo 2000P archival printer, coated with Krylon UV Filter Acrylic. The cover images have a second coat of UV Filter, with a final coat of lacquer.

Box for The Odyssey of Homer
(the 1932 limited edition designed by Bruce Rogers)
Constructed by Minsky 2005
12 5/8" x 9 3/8" x 2 1/8"
Lacquered black cloth, 23K gold stamped labels in Centaur type (the book is set in Centaur), red leather for the title, black leather for the date, lined with gray felt. 

American Decorated Publishers' Bindings 1872-1929
Collected and Described by Richard Minsky
Published by Minsky 2006
Limited edition of 100 printed digital offset, Deluxe edition of 25 printed archival high resolution inkjet, CD-ROM edition on MAM-A gold archive disks. 500 designs by 88 known artists and many anonymous, viewed in an art historical context. Volume 2 (2009) and Volume 3 (2010) bring the total to 1,100 designs and 141 artists.

SHAMBHALA :: The Sacred Path of the Warrior
by Chogyam Trungpa
Shambhala Dragon Edition, 1988
Bound by Minsky 2008
9" x 6"
Midnight blue goatskin, blind stamped front and back covers, 23K gold title on spine. Extended leather edges wrap 5/16". Page edges finished with Armenian bole and 22K gold leaf. 

The Philosophy of Umbrellas
by Robert Louis Stevenson
Designed by Minsky 2008 while von Hess Visiting Artist at The Borowsky Center for Publication Arts, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia. Lori Spencer, Master Printer.  An edition of 100 copies was printed by offset lithography on DuPontTM Tyvek�. The typography was designed by Minsky using InDesign with Palatino Linotype and OpenType Discretionary Ligatures. The printed sheets are mounted on an umbrella.

Freedom of Choice
Three Poems of Love and Death by Lucie Brock-Broido
Richard Minsky, 2009
73" x 26" x 24"
Inkjet on J. Barcham Green handmade paper with a 1976 watermark, bound in dark teal goatskin with 23K gold title, chained to an oak electric chair. On the inside of the head restraint are three electrodes, and one electrode goes to the leg. An MP3 player on the head restraint plays Minsky's reading of the three poems, two of which concern shotgun suicides and one an electrocution. On the back of the chair is a cabinet containing a 20 gauge shotgun, a Manila hangman's noose, a wakizashi sword, razor blades, poison and a hypodermic syringe.

by Richard Minsky, 2010
Snapshots of a 16" x 20" canvas as it evolved into a self-portrait, drawn in pencil, erased, redrawn, and painted over in successive layers of oils.

Warren Street
Accordion format, inkjet on canvas (cover), inkjet on paper (two pages), and six prints made by placing pages on Warren Street (Hudson, NY) where cars ran over them. 13" x 10", 2011. Unique.

Pop Delusions
A House of Cards (backed with Chinese money)
Richard Minsky, 2012
10" x 13¼" x 13¼"
Minsky's credit cards, Chinese paper money, 23K gold leaf, binders' board, bookcloth, felt, linen tape, wood, J. B. Green handmade paper, acrylic, $10 bills.
Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay. Inside the house are two copies of the book, the 1852 edition in the original binding by Burn of Hatton Garden, and the 1963 printing of the 1932 reprint, bound in Minsky's credit cards.

The Morgan Register
Richard Minsky, 2014
15�" x 10�"
A mostly blank visitor's register for the Director's office of The Morgan Library & Museum, with the addition of several images interspersed throughout. Goatskin, title in 23K gold, stainless steel grid coated in Titanium Nitride. Rives heavyweight paper, 175 gsm. Sewn on double raised linen cords with Irish linen thread. Laced-in boards. Headbands of linen thread over a core of alum-tawed pigskin laminated to goat vellum. The endpapers are photos by Minsky, printed on an Epson R1900 with 6-color archival pigment inks. There are several other photos by Minsky throughout the book.

Wedding Guest Book
Bound by Minsky 2016
10" x 12"
Alum tawed goat, recessed panel by of semi-aluminum tanned calf inlaid
with goatskin and abalone shell, stamped and tooled in 23K gold.

Wedding Guest Book
Bound by Minsky 2016
10" x 12"
Alum tawed goat, recessed 6" x 9" panel by Minsky, lacquered oil glazes over inkjet on canvas.
Onlay border, lacquered inkjet on paper

It Can't Happen Here
by Sinclair Lewis.  Doubleday, Doran & Company. Garden City, New York, 1935. First Edition.
Bound by Minsky, 2017
8⅛" x 5¾" x 1⅞"
Alum-tawed goatskin, gold, panel of 8-point type, acrylic paint, artist's blood.

It Can't Happen Here
by Sinclair Lewis.  Doubleday, Doran & Company. Garden City, New York, 1935. First Edition.
Bound by Minsky, 2018
8⅛" x 5¾" x 1⅞"
Calf, gold, panel of 8-point type, acrylic paint, artist's blood on Vermont Vigilance.

It Can't Happen Here
by Sinclair Lewis.  Doubleday, Doran & Company. Garden City, New York, 1935. First Edition.
Bound by Minsky, 2018
8⅛" x 5¾" x 1⅞"
Alum-tawed goatskin, gold, panel of 8-point type, acrylic paint, artist's blood on Vwermont Vigilance.

Fear of Flying and Fear of Dying
by Erica Jong
Bound by Minsky, 2018
The classic novel of women's liberation (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1973)
 and the novel about the same character still seeking sex four decades older (St. Martin's Press, 2015).
Calf, 22K gold and metallic pink title on spine, sculpted, padded boards with zipper and peau de soie.

Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America
by Nancy MacLean
Bound by Minsky, 2019
9" x 6" x 4" + chain
Black calf with 22K gold title on spine, brass chain on covers. Edges of 24K gold leaf over Armenian Bole.
Made to hang from a wall bracket or stand.
Tells in great detail how billionaires and economist James Buchanan strategized the takeover of the United States.
Described by Publishers Weekly as “a thoroughly researched and gripping narrative… [and] a feat of American intellectual and political history.”

Sappho Wedding Fragments Diptych
Printed and bound by Minsky, 2019
7" x 5"
Archival pigment inkjet on papyrus and paper, bookcloth.

Studies in Pink and Gold
24 matte lacquered prints by Richard Minsky, hand tooled with 22K gold, in a pop-up display box, 2020.
10" x 11½"

The Jewish Annotated New Testament
Presentation binding by Minsky, calf stamped in 22K gold, 2021.
9" x 6½"

The Decameron of Boccaccio
Minsky binding on the 1886 Japan Paper Edition translated into English by John Payne with etchings by Léopold Flameng.
Blind stamped alum-tawed goatskin, Three volumes, 9½" x 6½" in a triple slipcase, 2020-2022

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