Above: The Deluxe Edition

The Third Exhibition of
American Decorated Publishers' Bindings, 1872-1929
Collected and Described by Richard Minsky

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The Holy Cross
Design by Louis J. Rhead, 1893


If you missed the first exhibition, copies of the first catalog are still available.
The catalog of the second exhibition also is available.

You may be able to read a copy of the first or second catalog at a library near you.
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Design by Sarah Wyman Whitman, 1892
Vellum stamped in gold (bright spot is reflection of light)
Also issued in brown stamped suede.

The following cover artists are in this catalog (artists not in the previous two exhibitions are teal):

Margaret Armstrong
Seymour Ball
Thomas Watson Ball
Albert D. Blashfield
Franklin Booth
Paul Bransom

Alfred Brennan
Tom Browne
Charles Livingston Bull
Jay Chambers
Harry Cimino
Evelyn W. Clark
Thomas Maitland Cleland
Earl Stetson Crawford
William Mather Crocker
Clyde E. Darr

The Cx Designer
The Decorative Designers
Margaret Eckerson
George Wharton Edwards
Adam Empie
George Allan England
Charles Buckles Falls

Walter W. Fawcett
Dan Sayre Grosbeck
Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue
Frederick W. Gookin
F. C. Gordon
Frederic W. Goudy
Alberta Hall
George Hawley Hallowell
Theodore Brown Hapgood
Mabel Harlow
Stuart Hay
Frank Hazenplug
Edward Stratton Holloway
George W. Hood
L. B. Humphrey
Adrian Iorio
William James Jordan
Rockwell Kent
F. R. Kimbrough
Frederick Lowenheim
Blanche McManus Mansfield
Harry B. Matthews
Alice C. Morse
Florence Pearl (England) Nosworthy
Marion L. Peabody

Victor Perard
Mary E. Phillips
Maurice B. Prendergast
Howard Pyle
Amy Rand
Ethel Reed
Louis J. Rhead
Amy Richards
Rome K. Richardson
Rachel Robinson
Bruce Rogers
Amy Sacker
Julius A. Schweinfurth
Frank Berkeley Smith
W. E. B. Starkweather
Bertha Stuart
Lee Thayer
Paul Verburg
Sarah Wyman Whitman
F. C. Yohn

The catalog is issued in three formats to complement the editions of the first and second volumes.

Deluxe Edition limited to 25 signed and numbered copies with color photos of 300 designs that are not in the first two volumes, printed in archival high resolution inkjet, in a hardbound cloth binding by Richard Minsky, based on a cover design in this edition. It is in the 13" x 9.5" format. The CD-ROM accompanies the book in a separate plastic case.

The Deluxe Edition is not available for online payment.
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Above: The Limited Edition

Limited Edition printed on an Indigo 5000 digital offset press with the same text as the Deluxe Edition, but in the slightly smaller 12" x 9" format, in a flexible cloth cover with a gold-stamped panel adapted from the 1899 T. W. Ball design for Gilian the Dreamer, an archival inkjet printed dust wrapper, and polyester protective overwrap. Edition of 100 signed and numbered copies. The CD-ROM is included in a separate plastic case. Each copy is bound to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

The Third Exhibition of
American Decorated Publishers' Bindings 1872-1929


Above: The CD-ROM Edition

CD-ROM Edition with all the text and images of the Deluxe Edition in PDF format. Also includes the database with separate fields for title, author, publisher, date, designer, description of binding, variants. The discs used are MAM-A Gold Archive, which claim a 200+ year data life. A browser-viewable version of the checklist with small images of every book is on the disk, the archive of Subscribers' Newsletters that were issued while the book was in preparation, and some 19th century references that we have converted to PDF for easy viewing.

The Third Exhibition of
American Decorated Publishers' Bindings 1872-1929


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