June 16, 2000: Richard Minsky at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC,
Making a book  with 190 winners of The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

Working with two groups of about 95 teenagers (7th through 12th grade students), Minsky provided them with a choice of fine papers from around the world to work on, including handmade paper from England made by J. Barcham Green  in 1976,  Fabriano Roma from Italy,  and French papers Rives BFK, Arches, Lana Aquarelle, and Canson Mi-Teintes, 

The Book, titled Make Your Mark, challenged each of the participants to bring their creative energy to the page, with no rules about content.  The completed book provides an insight into how some of the most talented teenagers of today are thinking and communicating.

The setting at the Corcoran was enhanced by a major exhibition of the work of the visual art award winners. Minsky said "It shows that age is no indicator of quality. These kids are doing work that is equal to or better than what you see in most art galleries. The technical quality some of these teens have mastered is astonishing, and the raw power and vision in the work is inspiring."

about the binding
Each artist and writer worked on one side of a folded sheet of paper. The folded pages were then gathered into sections of about eight leaves, in an order which made aesthetic and technical sense (some pages had media which would transfer to the facing page, so these were placed opposite blank pages). The sections were sewn onto N-guards (paper folded into the shape of an "N"), which were punched with three holes to fit into a binder. This enables every page to open easily, and every page can be seen in its entirety. This is very important, because many of the participants wrote up to or along the fold. 

Some pages required special attention, including one which the artist brought ductape and wire for a collage. This required a special page to be made next to it, to protect the other pages in the book.


Photos of the working process at the Corcoran courtesy of The Alliance for Young Artists and Writers

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