Section D

The Biological Time Bomb

by Gordon Rattray Taylor. The New American Library, 1968
Bound by Minsky 1988
8" x 5" x 6"
Book, live explosives, batteries, timer, electrical tape, photocopy, envelope, collage.
"Minsky 1988" signed in ink, inside back cover

The perils of genetic engineering. The binding brings the danger into the reader's immediate presence. The table of contents is in the envelope, and is intended to be visible when the book is exhibited.

Laying Waste

by Michael H. Brown. Pantheon, 1980
Bound by Minsky 1988
8" x 5 3/4"
Trade binding with hypodermic needle, crack caps, condom, collage (the artist's toxix lacquer thinner label), acrylic and phosphorescent paint. Photos show full light, dim light, no light.

Subtitled "The Poisoning of America by Toxic Chemicals," this book is by the journalist who exposed Love Canal.The binding adds materials which relate to how we poison ourselves. The phosphorescent image, invisible in normal light, is a glowing death's head in a river of radioactive waste.

The Geography of Hunger

by Josue de Castro. New York, 1952
Bound by Minsky 1988
9" x 7" x 3"
"Friendly Plastic," acrylic, endpapers of food and dog food labels.
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The author was Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Food and Agriculture Organization. His conclusion is that the countries of the world are all capable of feeding their starving populations, but don't for political reasons. The binding is moulded and carved plastic, with a world map in acrylic paint-- the mouth of the world. The endpapers are labels from food cans bought at my local bodega, from countries where the people are starving and we get their food, and labels from Mighty Dog Gourmet Dog Food, because in this country there are old people who eat dog food and dogs who eat better than many people in the world.

Blank Book

Bound by Minsky 1988
18" x 14"
Inlaid snakeskin covers and doublures, handmade paper, linen endbands.

Minsky in Bed

First prototype binding with one chapter
Bound by Minsky 1988
15" x 10 7/8" x 3"
Text and commentary by Richard Minsky. His love life in the style of the incunabula, with historiated, inhabited and illuminated initials. Details about the edition of this book, and ordering information. Purple calf, gold stamped title, brass bosses and chain, handcuffs.
Letterpress on Richard de Bas paper, watercolor, gold leaf.

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