Section C

Blank Book

T.H. Saunders Paper
Bound by Minsky 1986
15" x 11"
Black calf spine, lacquered gold leaf and enamel over gessoed boards.
"Minsky 1986" inside back cover

Dante's Inferno

by Tom Phillips. The Talfourd Press, 1980.
Bound by Minsky 1986
3 volumes, each 16" x 12" x 2"
Red calf dyed by the artist, blind tooled, with the images burned deeper into each of the six covers. Bronze bosses and centerpieces cast from Ashanti gold weights in Tom Phillips' collection. Brass clasps engraved with the same florentine lily as the leather tools, and with hands drawn by Phillips. Sewn on seven double raised cords. Linen endbands. Each volume has a red leather box with gold titled black goat spine panel. The boxes are lined with felt, and have recesses to accommodate the hardware.

Guest Book

Private Home, Long Island
Bound by Minsky 1986
9 1/8" x 12"
Red Nigerian goatskin, recessed panel of lacquered pictorial acrylic on Rives BFK.
"MINSKY 87" in gold, inside back cover

Tragedy and Hope

(a History of the World in Our Time) by Carroll Quigley. MacMillan, 1966
Bound by Minsky 1988
9" x 6 3/4"
Kid vellum (tanned by the artist) over collage and acrylic, gold title.
Under the lampshade skin, dollars become swastikas on the world map.

Missile Envy

by Dr. Helen A. Caldicott. William Morrow & Co., 1984
Bound by Minsky 1988
9" x 6 3/8"
Calf spine, gold stamped. Oil and gold leaf over gessoed boards.
The real motivation behind the arms race.

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