Architectural Interior Design: Murals, Ceilings and Faux Finishes
Project: Château in France, 1997
Including ceiling and wall murals, faux marble column bases and tops
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Ceiling murals and faux finishes for bar room.

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Below: There are eight ceiling panels, each with a life-size figure. Six are reproduced here. Barbara Slate drew and colored the original maquettes, and Richard Minsky executed the paintings in oil on Belgian linen with gold and white gold leaf. The paintings were done in the Minsky studio on Bleecker Street in New York and shipped to France, where they were installed by an expert marrouflage technician. Click on any picture to see larger full views and details.

   Detail of ceiling mural for shower.
Oil on linen canvas.

The feeling when you look up at the ceiling is that you are under water looking toward the surface, with its interplay of light and shadow. Fish are swimming in all directions. The painting was done by Minsky in a studio on the grounds of the Chateau while the ceiling to the left was being installed.

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Minsky painting massage room mural

Minsky at work on mural in massage room.
The scene goes around all the walls, and creates the feeling of floating on a lake surrounded by mountains at dusk.The stars are gold leaf. 

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Guest Book for the Château 
Blank book of various vintage handmade papers and sheepskin parchment. Bound by Minsky 1994
20" x 16"

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Faux marble column tops & bases.
Acrylic and polyurethane on wood.

The bases are interpreted from green marble in the floor pattern, and above the column caps and along the ceiling molding is faux white marble.

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