Preliminary Checklist from the catalog of 
The Second Exhibition of
American Decorated Publishers' Bindings, 1872-1929
by Richard Minsky


By Author

All descriptions and photos in this catalog ©2008 Richard Minsky

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"Commercial Bookbinding" by Brander Matthews in the October, 1894 issue of The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine
Catalog of the Grolier Club exhibition Commercial Bookbindings of April, 1894.

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Below is the list of currently identified cover artists in this exhibition. If you know who designed any of the unattributed bindings, please let me know. Names in teal are artists who were not represented in the previous catalog. Designers names are in [square brackets] at the end of each identified cover listing. 

Margaret Armstrong
Thomas Watson Ball
Franklin Booth
Alfred Brennan
Bert Cassidy
Jay Chambers
Evelyn W. Clark
Mary Cowles Clark
Thomas Maitland Cleland
The Decorative Designers
Maynard Dixon
H. T. Dunn
George Wharton Edwards
Alice R. Glenny
Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue

Frederick W. Gookin
Alberta Hall
Theodore Brown Hapgood
Frank Hazenplug
A. Hilgenreiner
Edward Stratton Holloway
Wilfred Jones
William James Jordan
Rockwell Kent
Harold Magonigle

Blanche McManus Mansfield
Ellen Miller
Peter Newell
Samuel M. Palmer
Marion L. Peabody
Edward Penfield
Rome K. Richardson
Amy Sacker
John Sloan
Frank Berkeley Smith
Maud Hunt Squire
Bertha Stuart
Rudolph Schaeffer
Will Schrank
Lee Thayer
Otto Taospern
Lynd Ward
Stanford White

The checklist below is a work in progress, arranged alphabetically by author. This catalog includes 300 designs that were not in the first volume of American Decorated Publishers' Bindings, 1872-1929.

Please use the contact form or telephone [516.729.9227] if you have any questions or suggestions.

Note: The photos below are included primarily for identifying the bindings. The colors do appear different on different monitors, as well as the effects of different lighting angles, or whether the image was shot with a camera or scanned, and the different reflective characteristics of gold and colored stamping foils or inks used on the covers.

Designers names are in [square brackets] at the end of listings.  [signed RR] means that a monogram is used on the design, not that there is a handwritten signature. Dimensions are in cm. (R) at the end of an entry indicates a reference copy with defects that make the condition less than Very Good.


Abbot, Willis J. American Merchant Ships and Sailors. Illustrated by Ray Brown. New York: Dodd, Mead & Company, 1902. Blue cloth with ship silhouetted in cloth color, sea and sky of white and aqua, white lettering. 21 x 14 [Ball, Thomas W., unsigned]

Adams, John Coleman. Nature Studies in Berkshire. Illustrated with photogravures from original photographs by Arthur Scott. New York and London: G. P. Putnam's Sons :: The Knickerbocker Press, 1899. Green cloth stamped in two-tone (textured) gold repeating pattern. 25 x 17.2 [Thayer, Lee,  unsigned]

Alden, Mrs. G. R. (Pansy), Faye Huntington and others. Three Times Three. Ills by W. New York,  Chicago, Toronto: Fleming H. Revell Company, n.d., 1899, inscribed Xmas 1899. Light turquoise cloth stamped in yellow-red split-fountain and dark blue-light blue split fountain ship and fish design. 19.2 x 14.1 [Cassidy, Bert, signed with BC logo]

Arnold, Sir Edwin. Potiphar's Wife and other poems. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1892, Second Edition. Green cloth stamped in black, green, tan and gold decorative oval around gold title. 18.4 x 12.1 [Magonigle, Harold, attributed in the 1894 Grolier Club catalog]

Barbour, A. Maynard. At the Time Appointed. Frontis by J. N. Marchand. New York and London: J. B. Lippincott Company, 1903. Red cloth stamped in dark green trees and gold title on cover and spine. 19.8 x 13.3 [ Holloway, Edward Stratton, signed H]

Blanden, Charles G. A Valley Muse. Chicago New York Toronto: Fleming H. Revell Company, 1900. Light green cloth spine, light olive green paper wrapped boards stamped with turquoise scene of tree reflected in pond with white moon, title stamped in white. Same design on back cover. 18.7 x 12.3 [Hazenplug, Frank, unsigned, attribution by John Lehner]

Bowen, Marjorie. The Sword Decides. New York: The McClure Company, 1908. Brown cloth with green vase and white flowers in front of orange cat (lioness?), orange title. 19.8 x 13.5 [Cleland, Thomas Maitland, signed C]

Bower, B. M. Good Indian. Ills. by Anton Otto Fischer. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1912, September. Blue cloth stamped in green, yellow and orange bush and sunset, orange title. Also, the Grosset & Dunlap reprint on light greenish cloth with the design stampd in black, pink and red, in a dust jacket with a color pictorial of a man and woman on horseback, kissing. POS dated 1921 on ffep. 19.4 x 13.4 [Stuart, Bertha, signed BS]

Bowne, Eliza Southgate, Intro. by Clarence Cook. A Girl's Life 80 Years Ago :: Selections from the letters of Eliza Southgate Bowne. Illustrated. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1887. Beige cloth stamped in russet and green with a sampler design, the lettering designed to look stitched. This copy presented to James A. Briggs by his friend A. Gracie King. The prominent King family is featured in this book, as Eliza was Rufus King's niece. 21.7 x 16.6 [Hilgenreiner, A., attributed in Brander Matthews Oct. 1894 article in The Century]

Burnett, Frances Hodgson. The One I Knew the Best of All. Ills. by Reginald B. Birch. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1893. Black cloth stamped in two-tone (textured) gold on cover and spine with images of a sailing ship, dolphins, children, dogs, and decorative elements.19.2 x 13 [Birch, Reginald B., Identified in the 1894 Grolier Club catalog]

Carruth, Hayden. The Voyage of the Rattletrap. Illustrated by H. M. Wilder. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1897. Green cloth stamped in white semi-abstract design of horses pulling a covered wagon, with foreground trees in the cloth color (cf. Will Bradley's design on In Russet and Silver three years earlier), light blue sky, dark blue mountains, gold title. This copy inscribed in ink by the author on the ffep on March 9, 1897. 17.2 x 11.4 [Ball, Thomas W. ?, unsigned]

Church, Samuel Harden. Beowulf. Ills. By A.G. Reinhart. New York: Frederick A. Stokes Company, n.d., October, 1901. Blue cloth stamped light blue and two-tone (textured) gold image of sailing ship. 20.3 x 14.2 [Ball, Thomas W. ?, unsigned]

Crouse, M. Elizabeth. Algiers. Illustrated with photographs by Adelaide B. Hyde. New York: James Pott & Company, 1906, First impression, September. Blue cloth stamped in light blue, gold and blind of a view from a hill through a moorish window looking down over the roof of a church toward a moonlit sea. 20.7 x 13.8 [Hood, George W., signed GWH]

D'Annunzio, Gabriele. The Daughter of Jorio. Illustrated. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1907, November. Cream cloth stamped in wo-tone (textured) gold, image of an angel. An unread copy with uncut pages. The two photos above are the same copy with different lighting. At some angles the gold almost disappears into the cream cloth, and at others it pops. 21.2 x 14

Daskam, Josephine. Poems. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1903, October. Red cloth with two-tone (textured matte and bright) gold stamping of flowers and leaves. 19.8 x 13.3 [Thayer, Lee, signed DD]

de la Mare, Walter. The Veil. New York Henry Holt and Company, 1922. Dark gray cloth stamped with gold "magic lamp" design, the stylized smoke wrapping to the spine and back cover. 22.6 x 15.3

 Earle, Alice Morse. Home Life in Colonial Days. Illustrated by Photographs. New York & London: The Macmillan Company, 1899, Set up and electrotyped November, 1898. Reprinted December, 1898. Gray buckram stamped in red and green sampler pattern with lettering made to look stitched. 20.2 x 14.3 [Thayer, Lee, unsigned DD]

Elliott, Maud Howe, Editor. Art and Handicraft in the Woman's Building. Illustrated. Paris and New York: Goupil & Co. :: Boussod, Valadon & Co., Successors, 1893, Official Edition. Black cloth stamped in ornate two-tone gold and silver designon beveled boards. 24.8 x 17.2 [Morse, Alice Cordelia, attributed by Mindell Dubansky]

Goldsmith, Oliver. She Stoops to Conquer. Ills. by Edwin A. Abbey. New York and London: Harper & Brothers, n.d., ©1886. Olive green cloth stamped in multitextured gold, black and turquoise Art Nouveau mask. 20 x 13.2 [Abbey, Edwin A. ?, unsigned]

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All descriptions and photos in this catalog ©2007-2008 Richard Minsky


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